Sailing Into the New Year

Captain Jason Seman – The Marylander – Denton, MD

The air is crisp, the fish are biting, and it is a New Year on the Chesapeake Bay! For those of us who have not winterized our boats yet, there are still fish to be caught, and waterfowl to be harvested!

For anglers who choose to brave the winter chill; catch and release Striped Bass fishing can be a great way to break cabin fever. Schools of Striped Bass typically winter in the southern main channels of the Chesapeake Bay and are often found by visually by spotting flocks of seagulls feeding at the surface of the waters surface. These groups of birds are often taking advantage of schools of peanut bunker or bay anchovies that are crippled or pushed to the surface by our target, the Striped Bass.

Jigging is the most popular technique to stimulate a strike on wintering fish during this time period and is a great technique utilized to fight this species of fish when catch and release fishing any time of the year.

Pan fish such as Crappie and Perch can also be found wintering in schools during this month. By utilizing a bottom rig, appropriate sinker size for tide & current, and your favorite pan fish jig, you can catch an often-overlooked dinner during this season!

When fish is not on the menu, we target our feathered friends during the winter aboard The Marylander! Sea Ducks and Divers Ducks are our most popular targets of choice. The various migrating species of ducks on the Chesapeake Bay provide thrills that even the most experienced waterfowl hunters look forward too!

This January, make sure you seek out the expertise of your local tackle and hunting stores during this month. They are the local experts when it comes to targeting your next catch and appreciate your support of local business!

January may be one of the most tranquil times of the year on the Chesapeake Bay. Home to migrating waterfowl and wintering fish, the sights and sounds of the Chesapeake Bay are almost picturesque at times. We appreciate the opportunity to experience this time period on the Chesapeake Bay and look forward to sharing our experiences with you at

We would like to wish all of our followers and fishing friends a Happy New Years as we sail into 2021!