Off-season Outboard Treatment


Nothing is as frustrating as taking your rig to the ramp on the first warming trend of spring and finding your outboard isn’t working correctly. While more and more anglers are taking advantage of fishing in the cooler months, many still find it hard to get away from the deer lease and football games.

If you are planning a reduced usage period of your 2 or 4 stroke outboard here are several prescriptions from Bryan Evans of Evans Marine in Bacliff, Texas.

  1. Don’t burn the fuel out of the engine. This practice was done before ethanol was introduced into our fuel.
  2. Brian recommends removing the carbon from the cylinders with power foam. This will clean the carbon from the cylinders and valves.
  3. Once this is complete a quality fuel stabilizer should be added to the fuel tank, thoroughly mixed and then the engine should be run for 15-20 minutes to allow the treated fuel to get into the engine.
  4. Utilize a fogging oil to coat the inside of the engine so the next attempt at starting the outboard won’t be on a dry cylinder.
  5. And finally, open all water ports on the engine and position the motor down so water can drain out the ports. This will alleviate the possibility of water freezing within the outboard and rupturing lines.

Bryan runs a top shop and if anyone would like more specific details on the treatments he can be reached at


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