Seasonal Movement of Big Trout

Seasonal movement of big trout
Photo Courtesy Capt. Trey Prye, Matagorda, Tx.

I received a question the other day from a client of mine and I thought that it might be a good topic here for your guys. He asked, “with the bay being ahead of schedule this year, is the big trout pattern over already?” It was a great question. As the bay warms, and as forage begins to enter the bay, early ahead of schedule, are the big trout going to leave the areas they inhabit?

I turned to Matagorda’s Captain Trey Prye for an answer. Trey has been very consistent with these big fish and here is what he replied. “We’re finding these big trout love to stay shallow, it gives them a feeding advantage by narrowing the area that a baitfish can escape.”

He further answered, “I think what people are experiencing is that some of the big fish will move to spring areas where the other trout are, but when she’s ready to feed, she’s going to move up shallow and look for a big meal like a mullet or even a small trout. So they’ll move around, but we’re still going to catch them in shallow big trout habitat until about late may and we’re going to be using big baits like Mirrolure FatBoys, SoftDine XLs,  and Super Spooks.”  Trey said that the only time he downsizes is when they are finicky and there’s a weak bite or just won’t commit. Captain Trey Prye can be reached at 281-702-0490.

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