See Fish Better! Use Polarized Eyewear!

Let’s face it. What makes saltwater fly fishing so great is the ability for the angler to spot his or her target (insert your favorite saltwater fish here) make a cast, watch the take, set the hook and hopefully bring that fish to hand after a great battle. It’s a wonderfully complex and challenging task, a task that is by far the most satisfying in fishing.
Before any of that can happen, the angler must be able to see the target. This is where the importance of good polarized fishing glasses comes into play.

Yep, there are many eyewear companies producing polarized eyewear, making big claims on how their glasses see fish the best. But consider this: not all polarized glass are created equally.

My dad used to say, “Son, in life you get what you pay for.” Well, in the case of fishing eyewear this is also some sage advice!


It’s All About the Lenses –

High quality polarized eyewear boils down to the lenses. The higher quality the lenses, the clearer an angler can see into the water. Companies like Spy optics, Smith, Costa del Mar, Kaenon, Salt Life, Flying Fisherman, Native Eyewear, and Habervision are creating cutting edge lens technology for anglers. These lenses come in a variety of shades to adapt to various fishing conditions. So, whether an angler is fishing in early morning low light conditions or the high sun at mid-day, these brands will have you covered. Below is an example of what lenses work best depending on the lighting conditions, a general guideline:

  • Yellow: Best for low light of early morning, late day or overcast conditions
  • Amber/Brown: Best for all around and high sunlight
  • Gray: Best for bluewater offshore


Don’t Let The Sun Shine In –

I find it very annoying when sight fishing to have little beams of sunlight shining through the periphery of my sunglasses. This causes a reflection off the inside of the lenses and can affect how you see fish. My advice is to find a frame that provides adequate coverage in the temple area. Some fishermen don’t like the thicker arm on some frames. In this case, I would suggest using a buff pulled over the temple area to keep the sunlight from leaking through.

Look Cool and Catch Fish –

Polarized eyewear has come a long way. Those days have thankfully passed when the only fishing glasses on the market resembled welding goggles. Now anglers have many stylish frames to choose from. So, whether you’re a young fly fishing hipster or an old salt, you can look good while sight fishing to your favorite saltwater game fish.