September Maryland Freshwater Forecast

With September’s cooler weather comes cooler water temperatures for freshwater fish. With those cooler water temperatures comes increased fishing opportunities. The early morning bite will last longer into the mid-morning and the evening bite begins just a little bit earlier. This is welcome news for most freshwater anglers. Largemouth bass will succumb to their urges to feed based on these cooler temperatures. They will be found near grass and shoreline structure such as laydowns. If you have the opportunity to explore the Eastern Shore you will discover tremendous largemouth bass fishing with beautiful surroundings. You will find largemouth, chain pickerel and northern snakeheads near grass or spatterdock beds and sunken wood. Topwater frogs work well over grass and spatterdock for largemouth bass and northern snakeheads – combine this with higher tides in the mornings and evenings for a recipe for success. When the sun is high look for sunken wood and the shade of overhanging brush. Switch your offerings to soft plastics such as Senko worms texas-rigged weightless with wide gap hooks or wacky with finesse hooks.