Outdoorsman Report

Shaping EWG Swimbait Hooks for Weedless Presentations

By CAM Special Correspondent Tobin Strickland

It is summer and for those of us that fish the grass flats and shallow structure for redfish and big trout that means finding new ways to rig your baitsf. Through the development and testing of my new lure, one of the biggest parameters is shaping the hook for best results.

My parameter for ‘Best Result’s asks a lot; I wanted the best hook set ratio that resulted in the least missed fish, least fouled hook sets, and also very weedless and snag less. I fish shallow grass with heavy amounts of floating grass for reds and big trout; I fish reds cruising flooded marsh grass, and I also fish shallow oyster and rocks for reds and big trout. I had to test a lot of hooks and keepers to find what was the best. So far, I haven’t found a best hook, so much that I’ve found a best “Shape’ of hook.

Shaping an Extra Wide Gap (EWG) Swimbait hook consist of bending the point section down slightly to be more in-line with the eye of the hook, or at least that is what is working best with my lure. This can be accomplished with any brand EWG from Trokar, Owner, Mustard, Gamakatsu, and Berkley, or others. RockPort Rattler already has a similar shape. Shape your hook for the best results. More next month on ‘Spring keeper’ vs ‘Pin Style’ keeper.

Check out Tobin’s new Lure at TroutSupport.com It’s Part 4×4, B-1 Bomber, Army Ranger, and Part Seal Team. Photo Courtesy TroutSupport.com