Shore & Pier Report: May 2014

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ay is a wonderful month. Across the Alabama Gulf Coast bait of all different kinds migrates towards our shores. Close behind follows redfish, trout and countless other species of fish. If your not ready for the party, then it’s time to give your gear a once over. Fix what you need fixing, make sure your tackle is in order, and bleaching out the cooler one more time never hurts.


Right now redfish are moving in. Redfish are not in the huge numbers as they will be in mid to late May, but I am seeing more and hearing about more every day. White trout and ground mullet are being taken in large numbers all across the coast. Speckled trout while still not at their peak numbers are starting to increase. Additionally, speckled trout that are being caught appear to be good quality fish. It’s just plain nice to pull a fat speck off the hook. Sheepshead and black drum continue to be caught with live shrimp. The sheepshead that I have been seeing caught were both large and numerous.

The most import factor of any fishing trip is location, everything else is secondary. As we are now moving into an early summer pattern of fishing, you’re most likely going to have to change locations.

I’m Ron and I’m all about fishing.