A Simple, Effective and Strong Loop Knot

For a long time now, I have had the ultimate confidence in the loop knot that I tie in fluorocarbon. This knot is officially known as the mirro-lure knot. Whether it is 20 lb. fluorocarbon being used on a 1/4 oz. jig head for inshore fishing, or 130 lb. used to connect an offshore lure or jig, this knot allows the lure or jig to swing free, and could be the difference between fishing and catching, or getting your jig back vs. breaking it off in the structure.

Disclaimer; I am not paid to endorse fluorocarbon fishing line(s). This leader material has been a breakthrough in the industry that lends itself to tying the loop knot. Monofilament leader material will not make a dependable connection using the procedure shown on the video, however it can be slightly modified to work. See video on my website for details.

This knot is so simple you may wonder, is it strong? Let me answer that question for you. I have caught every grouper I’ve caught during the last 9 or 10 years on this knot. I only use this knot while bottom fishing. (In addition, I’ve caught bluefin tuna on this knot using 130 lb. fluorocarbon.) All of these fish pull hard, so I’m extremely confident sharing this with you.


STEP 1: Tie a simple overhand knot within 4 inches from the tag end.

STEP 2: Insert the tag end thru the eye of the hook, and then thru the center of the overhand knot. (photo 1)

STEP 3: Pull the overhand knot down to within 1/4 to 3/8 inch from jig or the eye of the hook, (photo 2), pinch between finger and thumb.

STEP 4: Make another overhand knot with the tag end around the mainline. Pull down “snug” on the tag end and the main line simultaneously, while holding jig.

STEP 5: Pull hard on main line, while holding the jig or hook to finish knot. No need to pull on tag end as pulling hard on mainline will “cinch” the knot down hard, turning the knot clear.

STEP 6: Trim tag end close with side cutters or fingernail clippers, making this a clean connection. You are done. (photo 3)

This month there are quite a few boat shows around the country, so if you are not sure of this, please go to a local boat show and ask the experts about this knot and/or how to tie it.

For a close up detailed video on this knot, visit www.barefootfishing.net, look under the “HOW-TO VIDEOS” section for “How to Tie a Loop Knot (The Mirro Lure Knot)” video.

All the best fishing,
Capt. Tim Barefoot


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