The Skimmer Kayak Motor Kit

Is paddle fatigue getting to you? Want to motorize your kayak or canoe?

There’s no need to pay $2,000 for a motorized kayak. Watercraft Technologies’ The Skimmer is a simple system for motorizing your kayak or canoe, and it costs less than $400. It is a lightweight, portable motor that mounts easily to your stern. Just snap it on when you need it.
Fishing has never been easier, safer and more convenient. Go farther and save your energy for fishing! Increase your range! Catch more fish!
The Skimmer weighs only 6 pounds. It’s 12v battery operated. There are easy controls for steering and motor lift. It’s environmentally safe, with no pollution, oil or gas spills.

The Skimmer is made for saltwater but does great in brackish or fresh water. It is able to propel a craft 2-4 knots and lasts two to five hours per charge. Imagine running your kayak at that speed and that long with zero effort!

This propulsion system is great for people who want to get on the water and not worry about paddling hard into a swift current or strong wind. It is also great for those with shoulder, back or elbow issues.

This kayak trolling motor kit carries a one-year, full parts replacement policy. See The Skimmer in action and order online at or order by phone at 631-848-3119.

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