Skinny Water Report By: Derick Burgos and Natalie Manrique

Due to the weather not wanting to make up its mind, the redfish have made up theirs to start staging and moving around. This means great opportunity for us who want to target them in our waters. Due to the stronger tides and large full moons, the landscape of some of our favorite fishing spots look very different at the moment. The usual trenches and potholes we frequently target may be barren. Don’t fret. This is the perfect opportunity to watch and observe the staging and activity of our coveted sport fish. Learn new areas in our Bay to try and pinpoint the migration and staging areas.

We have noticed many schooling reds and plenty of bulls and, they tend to be a bit finicky when schooling. Hungry males are wanting to eat, at times making it difficult to sight fish the big bull you want. However, don’t give up. Your personal best is swimming around closer than you think!

Though your favorite launch site may be a bit barren during low tide, don’t fret. Check out the waters surrounding those areas and see where the water is flowing and flushing the baitfish in when the tides shift. These are the backwaters where they are basking and feeding. Whether it’s live bait, artificials or flies that you prefer, be certain to be stealthy when approaching the schoolers.

Kayaks are ideal for these situations and, sometimes, you will have to stalk very skinny areas to get to where the fish are tailing. Don’t forget, catch and release is in effect until further notice in our area with redfish, among other species. Make sure you check before you bag it up! So, think like a shallow water fish ninja and you will be successful this month! Good vibes and tight lines, and don’t forget to be safe out there!