Skinny Water Report By: Derick Burgos & Natalie Manrique

With the summer rains finally becoming more prominent, the tarpon are finally consistently rolling! Last month, we saw many juvenile tarpon inshore, but they tended to play more aloof when we presented our lures. We did manage to hook into a couple, but as many of you may know, the acrobatics and sheer speed of these incredible fish tend to throw hooks and break our hearts. The trick is to dig your hook into their bony mouths once they are on, so that you can increase your chances of landing a silver king.

Last month, we saw quite a few tarpon, but they were more or less laid up, and only rolling on occasion. This is why consistent rain plays a major role in targeting inshore juveniles. We love to seek them out, specifically via a pedal kayak, for our chances of getting into the skinny waters, and utilizing our pedals allows us to revive them much easier.  Being that the summer rainstorms have finally arrived, this is the perfect time to catch our coveted sport fish.

A fly has always been a top performer, especially when the bite is hard but, for many of us, using a small topwater lure, or a small jig with a paddle tail will certainly entice a tarpon bite and the fun that comes thereafter!

Patience is key when targeting juvenile tarpon by kayak, so every time you land one, it is always an experience you will never forget! Good vibes and tight lines always, from your friends at Pure Florida WaterSports, Natalie M. and Derick B.