Skinny Water Report By: Derick Burgos & Natalie Manrique

During these recent unprecedented events, kayaking and kayak fishing have been one of the most wonderful ways to social distance, have some fun and get some vitamin sea. The outdoor industry, particularly fishing and kayaking, has boomed because many people have rediscovered the outdoors and the wonders of adventuring out on our beautiful waterways with their families and friends.

With the stay at home orders that we have thankfully surpassed, it has given the fish an opportunity to get comfortable in their spots, where not many people have frequented in the past couple of months. However, now that the State has been reopening, more people have been frequenting the waters, making the fish privy to our presence. This is why kayak fishing is the perfect way to target our favorite species that are abundant in the Gulf this time of year. With a kayak, you can quietly get into the flats and coves where our target species are hiding in.

Cobia, tarpon, redfish and snook are all over and feeding well, but you need to approach them with as much stealth as possible. This is where fly fishing has always been a successful approach. However, if “on the fly” is not your forte’, live bait or any small baitfish pattern will produce some success for you. Also, the topwater bite has been fantastic under particular circumstances for trout and snook. Pitching far into the mangroves, or covering ground on the flats are perfect for throwing your topwater lures.

So, if you have never fished by kayak, or are interested in learning more, use these tips and you will certainly be successful in hooking into a great fish. Don’t hesitate to give us a shout if you need any help or tips.

Good vibes and tight lines always!