Skinny Water Report By: Derick Burgos & Natalie Manrique

It’s That Time Again–The Fall Reds!

The fall season is upon us. With temps finally dropping, this is the perfect time to target one of our favorite saltwater species–the redfish. They also are widely known as the red drum (Sciaenops Ocellatus). Now is the perfect time to utilize some tips, tricks and techniques from us in order to have a successful day on the water.

Juvenile redfish are considered 30 inches and below, thus they are staying inshore in great numbers. Spawning season is August through December, which makes this month a fantastic transitional period. The redfish use their muscles in their hearty, upturned jaws to produce a drumming sound for spawning. Many of us have heard this incredible beat when landing a male. We also hear it amongst other species in the drum family like trout and black drum.

Seagrass, muddy or sandy bottoms, oyster bars and the mouth of creeks are where you can find reds dwelling during the month of October.

Some of our favorite techniques to catch them are using artificials. Light jig heads, topwaters and even the classic spoon can work magic for you on the water. For those who prefer live bait, finger mullet, shrimp or creek chubs on a cork will prove to be very successful to lure in a hungry redfish.

Fly fishing for reds is also an ideal way to invoke a strike. Purple, black and natural brown colors will prove to be very effective for deciding on which fly to use. Clousers and shrimp gurglers are very attractive for reds during this period, because they mimic the plentiful baitfish that are hugging the mangroves.

We prefer to fish our estuaries via kayak. This will allow us to get into the skinny waters and within a reasonable fly cast to the redfish. Kayak fishing for reds is also very advantageous, because we are not making any noise or disruption, which normally alerts the fish in the area to our presence. With this being said, make sure to practice safe distancing; not only from the boats, but from the fish as well. They are very aware of our presence. Make sure to be stealthy, and always practice safety and proper etiquette on the water. Good vibes and tight lines from your friends here at Pure Florida Watersports! We are the #1 Feelfree Kayaks dealer in the state of Florida!