Skinny Water Report – Fishing for Florida Dormats By: Derick Burgos

One of our favorite edible fish to bring to our tables is flounder. Their unique appearance, vivacious appetite and knack for blending in with their surroundings make these flattened fish a great catch. Since this species of fish has adapted to become one with the ocean floor, their distinctive eyesight is truly unique.

There are many ways to catch flounder. Whether you prefer live bait, artificial or fly, these aggressive critters are hardy eaters. With artificial lures, the best go to is a weighted jig head and smaller paddle tail, or anything soft plastic that would resemble a small bait fish. Jig your lure on the bottom of sandy areas in between grass flats. Since flounder are bottom dwellers, you must keep in mind that your retrieval cadence should be a bit slower–twitching with a good pause to entice a strike. With live bait, use creek chubs or shrimp on a jig head and pop them near the oyster beds. You’ll find rewarding results. If you’re fly fishing for flounder, small weighted shrimp patterns are certainly ideal to cast. Once you get a strike, make sure you’re ready for a hearty head shake!

Fishing for flounder in our waters is always fun. You can catch them by wading, kayaking, using a paddle craft or any other skinny water vessel.

Definitely, check us out for some fun with guided kayak fishing for flounder, or a ton of other inshore species. We live for what we love. Good vibes and tight lines.