Skinny Water Report – Kayaking and COVID By Derick Burgos & Natalie Manrique

2020 has been one heck of a year! We have endured so many different restrictions and adopting new norms and ways of life that many of our lives have been turned upside down. In order to cope with these obstacles like work or lack thereof, unemployment, home schooling and just plain cabin fever, many people have rediscovered the natural beauty and aquatic treasures that our State possesses.

There are over 900 Springs throughout Florida, not to mention our beautiful beaches and islands, thus making our incredible State an excellent place to go kayaking and unwind from the stress. It warms our heart to know that so many people are now getting into kayaking in the paddling sport, as well as, fishing. And, we have noticed a huge surge in interest in the sport, because it is a great way to social distance and also spend time with friends and family in a beautiful environment. Florida estuaries and fisheries are absolutely incredible and ever changing.

For people who are just beginning this sport, it is highly recommended by us that you get some sort of safety instruction and know what to do in case you are compromised or someone else is compromised. Always have a float plan, and make sure you choose the proper kayak and gear for the conditions where you want to paddle.

We hope this inspires you to get out and go kayaking, if you aren’t already. Bring the family, bring the friends and bring the rods! Stay safe everyone. See you next month and don’t forget, your adventure always begins with us!

Coastal Angler & The Angler Magazine