Skinny Water Report – Perico Bay By: Derick Burgos

I wasn’t planning on going out, but my Natalie wanted to go to the beach and, when she mentioned Ana Maria, I was in. Perico Bay is nearby, so I thought why not give it a try. Not only was it a beautiful and warm weekend, but it also marks a very special event, my birthday! Of course, every googan imaginable would be out there searching for a linesider, which was my target. Oh well, didn’t stop us!

So, on we went paddling our Feelfree Moken 12.5 V2’s north to a fishy spot covered with mangrove roots. A dozen casts with a DOA shad in gold glitter produced a few anxious speckled trout with a nice drag puller, about 23 inches, shaking me off at the last minute. The first gusts of wind showed up which kept us tight to the mangroves. With an incoming tide and plenty of water, it was for the better. Quite some time passed before we got into any more fish.

The rest of the day went very different than I expected. As the tide started to ebb, the snook decided to feed. HARD! Ten landed and one nice thump that instantly left me jigless and re-tying for my next cast. Just as fast as the bite started, it stopped. Right on time, as my phone was humming to the tune of Natalie ready to go to the beach. The action was so good, I hadn’t realized how far away I’d gotten from where we started.

Expect days like this and better with the mild winter we are having. If things ever get to freezing temps, this will all change! Snook won’t be as active and the trout will do the opposite. Redfish will not be too bothered by the cooler temps, but will continue to be picky as always!

Good luck and tight lines!