Snapper Season

By Capt. Mike Roberts

Hello fellow Gulf Coast Fisherman. This is Captain Mikey Roberts with Blue Fin Charters out of Freeport, Texas. Snapper season this year has been a great success. The number of red snapper off the Texas Coast has exploded which has made for some great fishing trips. This is a good and bad thing at the same time. Reef areas have become so over ran with red snapper that it is harder to target other species inside sixty miles. Such as vermilion snapper, grouper, mangrove snapper and even some top water species like kingfish and cobia.

King fishing has been consistently good fishing this year. Chumming the water is a great way to attract king fish, mangrove snapper, dorado and cobia. There have been several current changes with Sargassum collected in it to troll and target wahoo, dorado and cobia. Lots of anglers have got to experience the fun of catching the small chicken dolphin.

As we come into July and August we shall start to see larger dorado in our waters. Texas shrimp season open July 15 and is one of my favorite times of the year! Behind the shrimp boats we are looking forward to targeting black fin tuna, cobia, dorado, wahoo and kingfish. This is a fast pace and exciting style of fishing which the outcome can be a great success!

Fingers crossed for calm seas and tight lines. Stay safe out there and good luck everyone!

Captain Mike Roberts, The Blue Fin
Blue Fin Charters