Snook in the Carolinas

Fishing buddies Bob Seganti and David Kingsland of Pawleys Island are convinced firsthand there are snook showing up in the waters of Winyah Bay, South Carolina.

The pair went fishing in Winyah Bay and were cast-netting bait on the bay’s south bank adjacent to the Georgetown Lighthouse.

“We got a mixed bag, shrimp, mullet, perch,” recalled Seganti. “I pulled (the net) out and there were some perch mixed in. I said ‘I don’t think that’s a perch.’ David said ‘That looks like a snook.’ “

Sure enough, there it was, a little 5-6″ fish with the upturned lower jaw, protruding out farther than the upper jaw. And then there was the distinct black stripe on the lateral line.

“There’s no shortage of interesting things that come up in a cast net,” said Seganti. “You never know.”

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