South County Inshore & Freshwater: December 2021

Big clown for Rob Church.

This is the monthly fishing forecast for December.

Hopefully, I’m able to give you some tips or ideas that will help you out and put a few more fish in the boat. Cold fronts started rolling in early this year and with that comes many different migratory species of fish. For me, the winter means jigging season. Whether it is goofy jigs, tipped bucktails, or yellowtail jigs with a whole shrimp, chances are I am working the bottom. The game is pretty simple; pull up to a dock, deep channel, or rock pile and pitch your jig. Give it a couple hops off the bottom and wait for the thump. The species count for the day is usually ridiculous but some of our main targets are going to be triple tail, pompano, and sheepshead.

I would fully expect to hook plenty of snappers, black drum, and small snook using these methods also.
Another must have is a spoon that you can throw far. Take that out on the beach and work your way along the surf looking for jacks, bluefish, and big ladyfish. If I’m throwing flies, it’s most likely going to be Clousers with an intermediate line or sinking line.

Giant Lake Worth Lagoon jack.
Giant Lake Worth Lagoon jack.

In the fresh water, this is one of the best times of the year to work on schooling fish. Usually the schools will include bass, peacock bass, sunshine bass, and clown knife fish. Crank baits, jerk baits, and sometimes a paddle tail will get you some action. If you’re looking for crappie, just about every bridge, piling, brush pile, and culvert pipe should put you in business.

Johnny with a nice snook.

Good luck out there!

Capt. Patrick Smith