South County Inshore & Freshwater: Sept. 2019

Jake and Alex with a beautiful sailfish.

By Capt. Patrick Smith, Contributing Writer

Summer is finally winding down although it might not feel like it yet temperature wise. Snook will be moving from the inlets back to the bridges, docks, and channels where they normally live. This month normally starts the trickling of mullet schools down the coast ahead of the major migration. This will lead to some awesome action on tarpon, jacks, snook, and sharks. Catching the run early is best because the fish are still excited about it and your bait will have an easier time getting noticed before the big schools show up. As for rigging, I prefer to use a heavy spinning outfit with 65 lb. braid and a 3ft 60 lb. leader finished off with an 8-10/0 circle hook, it’s very simple and will get the job done.

Mike and Scout picked up a nice slot redfish.

In the freshwater it’s alligator hunting season and while we are on the lake looking for gators there will be plenty of time to catch some nice largemouths. I like to use a Senko and fish it slow in the grass. Early morning topwater should get some action also; a couple favorites are a Spook Junior and Zoom Horny Toad; the color will depend on the weather. On the Lake Ida/Osbourne chain the peacock and clown bite should remain strong. Live bait is the best for both, but you could score using a jerk bait or rattle trap. The sunshine bass bite has been awesome as well and should only get better.

Marcus and Dan with a giant Lake Worth Lagoon snook.

Capt. Patrick Smith