South Shore Tampa Bay Report By: Capt. Christopher Taylor

Fall Redfish

With Fall in effect and the weather being cooler, many anglers are looking to wet their lines by targeting Winter time species. Redfish have made their way into Tampa Bay in great force. They can be found at any of the South Shore grass flats, mangrove lines and oyster bars. I always head to my favorite backwater spots this time of year to find them. Redfish desire the same structure and environment as other inshore fish–a place to hang out and ambush baits passing by.

Choice baits to use are live shrimp and scaled sardines. These baits should be presented on a size 2/0 to 3/0 hook freelined or with a split shot. Some bait shops sell scaled sardines, but most of the time you have to use a cast net to catch them. I recommend catching enough to use for bait, as well as, a few extra for chumming. You will be able to find these baitfish at the channel markers and shallow-to-deep transition areas nearest boat channels. I use a 10-foot 3/8″mesh Humpback cast net to gather my bait. I can usually catch enough bait for a trip in one or two casts, due to the ease of opening in the net design.

Take advantage of the cooler water temperatures, as the fish are more active in the shallows. You can sight cast or drift fish for redfish. I recommend throwing a Livingston Lures Pro Sizzle “Gold Digger” colored topwater lure. This is one of my top choices of artificials to use, if you desire to cover a large area in a small amount of time.