Southern Zone Fishing Forecast and Report September/October 2015

Southern Zone Fishing Forecast

Well I certainly can´t afford to lose any more hair off the top of my head but this bad child, aka El Nino, is having a party messing with me. Offshore has been cross your fingers and pray for the best while inshore has been consistently very good. A good number of marlin have been present, but sailfish are here one day and gone missing the next. Absent also are good numbers of tuna. On the inside, it is wide open with roosters, snapper, jacks and African pompano keeping anglers busy all day. The annual arrival of the humpback whales and their calves makes for some unique entertainment while wetting a line inshore.

This makes it a little difficult to predict what may be happening in the next couple of months. Historically the dorado should start moving in September and be running around like rats by November. The blue marlin will be in munching on dorado and football size yellowfin tuna. Bigger tuna can be found under the pods of passing dolphin.

Dividends are finally being seen on the creation of the Golfo Dulce as the largest Marine Area of Responsible Fishing in Central America a few years back. Shrimp boats and gillnets are no longer allowed in the gulf. Since our inshore menu is available year round we should continue with lots of roosters with a few going over 50 lbs, cubera, Pacific yellowtail and a wide variety of other snapper, pompano, jacks and grouper.

If the bad child changes this prediction, don´t bother giving me a comb. I won´t need it.

Todd Staley

Fishing Director

Crocodile Bay Resort

Cell (506) 8826 9658