Southern Zone Fishing Forecast February and March 2016

Southern Zone Fishing Forecast February and March 2016

The last few years March has been the hottest month as far as numbers of sailfish. Boats generally see double digits each day and on a few days catch as many as twenty. Again this is a great time for fly guys as multiple shots is more important to a successful fly fishing trip.

Southern Zone Fishing
March is one of the hottest months for sailfish off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. (Photo courtesy of Crocodile Bay Resort)

The fish will be easily fooled to a “bait and switch” presentation. It doesn’t matter if it’s a live or dead bait. Blue runners, goggle-eyes and ballyhoo are the preferred baits in the south. The marlin will make a show again in March, not in huge numbers but enough to make a nice surprise for those targeting sails.

Dorado will be pretty thin by March, but if one does show up it will generally be between 20 and 40 pounds. Tuna have been scarce during most of El Nino making an occasional showing of 100 pound fish. The ocean should be returning to normal and they will be cruising with the spinner and spotted dolphin.

Inside the Golf Dulce and along the beaches will be more of the same. Lot’s of roosterfish. Schools of jacks will be making the lives of sardine schools miserable and casting into that fiesta means a hook up in about 2 seconds. Volcanic reefs in the gulf will hold the usual bottom dwellers, snapper, African pompano, Bluefin trevally, and amberjack.

According to weather reports El Nino will be ending and hopefully fishing and my life will return to normal.

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Fishing Director, Crocodile Bay Resort