Species Spotlight: Jaguar Guapote


Jaguar Guapote


Native Range:
Atlantic slope of Central and South America

Florida Range:
Coastal canal system of southeast Florida with a northern range of West Palm Beach.

A member of the Cichlid Family with broken lateral line and black-and-white patterning making this species distinct. Toothed and protrusible mouth, numerous purple to black spots or blotches on body and fins, with a series of black squares along their sides. Similar in shape to a black crappy though the broken lateral instantly sets it apart.


Feeding Habits:
Feeds primarily on small fish, aquatic insects, worms, and snails. Know to take beetle- spins and speck targeted artificials.

Spawning Habitats:
Spawning occurs March through July with a secondary spawn in October and November. Females lay eggs on hard, flat surfaces.

State Record:
IGFA all-tackle record caught in Florida weighed 3.5-lbs and was 21.5 inches long.

FWC Regulations:
There presently are no bag or size limits on this fish.


Courtesy of FWC