Species Spotlight: Yellow Rat Snake By: Wes Tallyn

Like so many other snakes in Florida, the Yellow Rat Snake is often misunderstood. These gentle, non-venomous creatures are often times killed by property owners out of fear alone. These snakes can easily be identified by their yellow or beige coloration and brownish horizontal stripes. 

Yellow Rat Snakes quietly slither through trees and brush with great ease looking for prey. Rat snakes feed on a wide variety of small mammals, insects, birds, eggs and other reptiles. They are a very beneficial snake for your yard, controlling rat populations and reducing insects that will enter your home.

Yellow Rat Snakes can grow to around six feet in length but they blend into their environment perfectly and are usually overlooked by people passing by. Parks and other wooded areas are great places to find these snakes. They will be found overhead in over hanging trees, seen investigating tree holes created by woodpeckers or, at times, crossing a trail. Now, see if you can spot one of these friendly, stealthy creatures today!