Wilmington December 2015 Fishing Report

William Ricker from Raleigh, NC with his Trout
William Ricker from Raleigh, NC with his Trout

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ow, time flies, what happened to 2015? 2016 is almost upon us, wow!  It is heating up with the temperatures falling for Speckled Trout fishing and the Flounder fishing in November was great with multiple slams (Flounder, Trout, and Drum) on many of the trips last month.

Trout will be moving into the deeper holes at the end of the month but you still will find them in the shallows with current. I look for areas with seams and back eddies and work MirrOlures on the Swing there. Most strikes will come at the end of the swing. When fishing grubs, I fish the lightest lead head I can fish, popping them off the bottom with a sharp snap, your bite will come on the fall and only be a small “tick”. As a rule, you will catch more on grubs but the nicer ones come on MirrOlures. Don’t overlook the jetties and the wall, there is some great fishing there and night time can produce some big fish. Also the flats at Topsail Island will hold them on the higher tides.

Flounder will move to the ocean for the most part but some will still be found on the inside. Falling tides in the creek mouths is where I like to look for them. Mud Minnows on the bottom or Gulp rigged on a worm hook works well and will produce a nice dinner here and there.

Red Drum will still be on the inside flats, fish slower for them. Bait, cut mullet, live mud minnows and dead sticking Gulp are your best bet. Warm days they will be more active and middle of the day top water and gold are very effective for them. This is also the time they move into the ocean. With the clear water you should be able to find them in the surf. Same baits as above works well but I like to use MirrOlures like the Catch 2000 or the MR 17, Red (#26) and the PIN colors are very effective for them.

You will find the Stripers in the Cape Fear River. Trolling with deep diving baits is a great way to find them. Fishing in the shallower water and small creeks I like small swim baits, big grubs, Rattle Traps and MR17 MirrOlures. On the high tides, I fish next to the steep banks, as the water falls, I move to the mouths of the creeks.

With the waters getting cold, fish with a partner, if something were to happen, your odds are better of surviving an unsuspected dive over the boat. Be safe on the water,
– Capt Lee