Springtime Fishing

Written By: Caitlyn Gatrell

It’s that time of year again! The weather is warming up and the fish are coming out to play. Boat days are going to become a lot more frequent for us as we’ll be joining tons of other anglers for the new fishing season.

We look forward to spring every year because it brings out some of those trophy game fish. We love to chase big snook, redfish, and tarpon, and the warmer temperatures provide plenty of opportunities.

On a typical spring fishing day, we’ll head out to the island to scoop up some lively white bait. A little way offshore, the pilings also carry some large threadfin. Once we get the bait secured, we head inshore towards mangrove islands. Finding an area with a deep cut and a flowing current is the goal, and pulling up to action is a great sign. It’s especially exciting when the tarpon are present, as we’ll just see rolls all around. We’ve even seen a couple jump out of the water while chasing bait; it’s a surreal sight.

Our go-to method in the spring is to free line our live bait on the mangrove lines or near drop offs. It usually doesn’t take long before we get a bite. That hard thump and drag screaming run makes the long winter wait worth it. When it’s a big fish on the line, it’s an insane experience. Each species has its own unique fight, and they are exciting and heart racing in their own ways. Getting the fish to the boat is an amazing feeling, and after snapping a few quick photos, we ensure a good release. Watching them swim back and eventually disappear is a humbling feeling.

Spring season is really the “take off” for fishing season. For ourselves and our fishing friends, it’s when we finish fixing up the boat, dust off our gear, and get ready to face some new adventures.

The springtime fights are extra fun in my opinion because the fish are feeding well. That means the hungrier fish there are, the more bites we’ll be getting. Another bonus with fishing in spring is that the time changes again, and the warm days become longer. The longer the days, the more time we have to be on the water. Fishing is pretty productive for us, and the sunset bite is the icing on the cake.

Spring fishing in Southwest Florida is an excellent adventure that’s sure to keep your heart racing and your mind happy. Lots of popular species will be on the prowl, some preparing for spawning season, so the fishing opportunities are endless!