St. Pete Report By: Capt. Anthony Corcella

The water temps are pushing toward that magical 74 degrees. This means one thing–snook fishing will be heating up, too. The snook are starting to show up on the area flats and inshore reefs.  There are thousands of 24 to 26-inch male snook ready to take your bait. Mixed in, will be jumbo mid-to-upper 30-inch females with some pushing 40 inches.

The best choices for bait include whitebait, live jumbo shrimp and cut baits like pinfish, lady fish, threadfin and mullet. For lures, a Mission Fishing jighead paired with a quality soft plastic bait such as a MirrOminnow will do you well, as will a MirrOdine hard bait—both are by MirrOlure.

It’s important to use correct tackle and gear. We recommend a 3000 to 4000 size spinning reel, 15 to 20-pound braid on a 7-foot 6-inch 10 to 20-pound class rod. 20 to 30-pound fluorocarbon leader is standard for live bait, cut bait and lures.

The mackerel bite is hot, as well! We are using 20-pound fluorocarbon leader with a 3/0 longshank hook and a small piece of cut bait.

Quality redfish are always a welcome bonus to our snook trips.

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