St. Pete Report By: Capt. Anthony Corcella

The Sharper Edge

This month, I would like to talk about a product that I came across at ICAST this year called Relentless Knives. Let me tell you, I go through fillet knives on our boats like crazy. I finally found a fillet knife that doesn’t get a chip in it or dull out!

A Relentless Knife has a relatively soft titanium blade with a really hard carbide/crushed diamond “Power Strip” fused along the edge for a perpetual, lifelong edge that sharpens as it cuts. The first thing people notice on a Relentless Fillet Knife is the extreme grippiness of the True Grit handle. The handle is made of a glass reinforced ABS but covered with the same gritty material used to create the non-slip surface found adjacent to swimming pools. I promise you this will be the last knife you’ll ever have to buy. These knives can be purchased online at

All right, let’s get to the fishing section of this article. As y’all know, the water temp has gotten up to 90 degrees.  Fishing has definitely been hard in the middle of the day. We have been doing a lot of evening fishing back in the mangroves and residential docks.

The snook bite has been great and the same with the redfish lately. We’ve been catching micro tarpon as well. We have been using a lot of dead bait on 2/0 circle hooks with 30-pound fluorocarbon leader. That seems like the trick. Occasionally, we will catch a couple of mangrove snapper.