St. Pete Report–On the Road By: Capt. Anthony Corcella

This Month We Are Writing About Something New–Barramundi Fishing in Florida. No, you don’t need to travel to Australia to battle these hard fighting fish. Florida angler Jay Shinn recently fished The Pit at Osceola Outback Adventures in Central Florida. He is the first angler to land a Barramundi on the Pocket Change colored Get’Em shad by High Water Fishing Lures. What is a barramundi you might ask? Well, according to Osceola Outback Adventures, they are native to Australia.

These exotic super fish possess all the best qualities of our native sportfish. Weighing up to a hundred pounds, they strike with the tenacity of a largemouth bass, fight with the power of a snook and soar through the air like tarpon. That sounds like the perfect apex predator and the perfect target for some epic light tackle battles.

The barramundi will hit all lures and live baits presented to them. The hits can be bone jarringly hard as these ferocious fish try to rip the rod from your grasp. Osceola Outback Adventures is located in Central Florida just 45 minutes from the Orlando airport, Disney and other attractions. Osceola Outback Adventures is the only licensed barramundi fishing operation in North America. In fact, they are the only location in the northern and western hemispheres of the world where anglers can fish for barramundi. Their property is a working catch and release fish farm and they are stocked so that no angler goes home until they’re tired of catching them! In fact, most anglers will catch more fish here than on any other trip in their life.

That sounds like a dream trip to all of us here on the Pocket Change team. Check out their web page and make sure to follow Pocket Change on Facebook to see our results from fishing the Pit and all of our local trips for snook, redfish, snapper, grouper, tarpon and more. Tight lines and no break offs.