STAND UP PADDLEBOARD: Give Your Paddleboard a Facelift

Before & after new deck pads.

by Chris Anders, Contributing Writer

So, when your board is getting a little older it tends to show some wear, such as fading, board dings, and the deck pad begins to fall apart.  One of the things that you can do to make your board look younger is to put a new deck pad on the board.  Most boards come with a single deck pad and usually all black.  Well you can change this to a different color and different designs.  This you can do at home and will only cost you about $75.00 which includes the deck pad and the materials to remove the pad.  You will need to purchase a deck pad, which you can order from the manufacturer or you can order many different styles and colors online. The pads usually average around $60.  You can get a solid pad or 6-10 piece sectional pads.  You will need mineral spirits, a cheap paint brush, painter’s tape, a small paint cup, and a paint scraper (razor blade preferred), metal spatula, and a heat gun or blow dryer.

First you need to remove the pad.  Start at the back of the board by heating the bottom edge of the pad with the blow dryer.  Using a metal spatula to pry up the edges of the deck pad and roll the edges forward, while applying continued heat.  Removal of the deck pad works best if you can do it in one piece, easier said than done.

Once you have the deck pad removed then you must remove the adhesive.  The preferred way to do this is to pour the mineral spirits into a paint cup and using the paint brush lightly apply the mineral spirits to a small section at the bottom.  Using the flat razor blade gently scrape the adhesive towards the front of the board.  You will need a lot of paper towels to clean the adhesive residue off the blade and the board.  Continue to do small sections working toward the front of the board.  You may need to do this a couple times to make sure the adhesive is completely removed.  Finish by using Windex glass cleaner to remove any debris.

Now, using painters tape mark out the layout of the pad.  Place the pad down in the way that you want it and mark the edges with a water based marker.  You will use this as your guide to place the pad in its desired location.  The pad has a peel off tape which you will only peel off a small edge and place the sticky edge of the pad along the outlines you made with the marker and slowly peel off the rest of the pad while pressing out any air pockets.  Once this is done continue to the next piece.  Allow to dry 48 hours in room temperature.

Chris Anders, CEgO

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