Stand Up Paddleboarding: June 2019

Fishing’ and SUP’n
by Chris Anders, Contributing Writer


Let’s go fishing!  Often when you are out paddling you see lots of sea life.  I know when I head out early morning for a sunrise paddle around Peanut Island or Munyon Island I see tarpon, snook, sheepshead, and snapper; I always kick myself for not bringing my fishing rod.  You’re just floating over a school of snook and you can practically reach down and grab one.

How do you know what type of board to use for fishing?  There are boards made specifically for fishing but not everyone can afford to have multiple boards nor have the space for them.  However, you can use the most basic board to start your fishing adventures.

Pros & cons: Planing Paddle Board: The pros are that these boards are the most common board sold on the market.  They are inexpensive for the most part.  These boards can be used for recreation, surf, and touring.  They tend to be lighter than other boards making it a good choice for smaller people.  The cons are they do not offer a lot of stability for fishing and carry less weight which is a factor when adding a cooler, fishing tackle, rods, and an anchor.

Touring Boards: These boards are the preferred amongst most paddlers due to their versatility.  This is a board you can use to fish one day and race the next. They can carry a lot of weight, are extremely stable, and you can get these boards ranging in weight from 27-35 pounds.  My favorite fishing & touring board is the YOLO Voyager which has tie downs in the front, back, and midsection for a cooler and built-in rod holder screw-ins.  Plus, it has a pop-up handle making it very easy to pick up and carry extra fishing gear.  BOTE also makes great fishing boards that are very comparable to YOLO. They have built-in features designed for fishing like a leaning post for holding your paddle and fishing rods plus multiple tie downs.

What accessories do you need?  First, a cooler which you can get with rod holders mounted on the side.  Many companies from Engel to YETI have these available or you can make them yourself.  My favorite fishing accessory is the BoardFisher Safari Pack.  It is perfect for organizing all your fishing gear from your fishing license to all your lures, while it can also hold 2 rods, a paddle, plus your anchor.  This is essential to keeping it simple.

Chris Anders, CEgO

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