Standup Paddleboard: Oct. 2019

CrossFit + SUP = SUPXFIT

By Chris Anders, , Contributing Writer

If you think CrossFit is HOT, SUPXFIT is where it’s at!  Many of the Xfit exercises can be done on the SUP, clearly taking CrossFit to an extreme level, hence SUPXFIT.  I will give you some of the exercises and workouts of the day (W.O.D.) that we do here at Riviera Paddle Boards.

How to get started?

#1 Most important – you will need a heavy board since this is going to provide the resistance you need to do many of the exercises. The plastic blow mold boards weigh the most.  The Imagine Surf Wizard weighs about 65 lbs. and the Surfer weighs about 40 lbs.  So choose your board based on your fitness level.  These boards usually have handles on the front, back, and sides which will help in the workout.

#2 You will also need a 5 gallon bucket with a 3 foot rope tied to it that can be tied to the SUP.

#3 SUPXFIT Challenge

• SUP Jumps – Like Box Jumps except you will start in the water, the deeper the better and harder.  With the SUP by the side of your leg, simply squat and explode out of the water swinging your hands up above your head and hopefully landing on top of the board.  It’s not as hard as it sounds. You do this jumping from one side to the other repeatedly.

• Board Press – While in the water, and at the rear of the board, place your hands under the board and press overhead in repetition.

• The Squat – While in the Board Press position squat parallel to the bottom and squat up.  This can be done in conjunction with the board press.  First do the squat then the board press.

• Bucket Swings (Front Laterals) – This is the same as doing kettle ball swings.  Fill the bucket up with an amount of water that you can handle. Swing the bucket from between your legs up (arms straight) and stop when the handle gets to eye level.  Don’t raise it any higher or you might be kissing a bucket.

• Resistance Paddling – With the bucket in tow, squat parallel on your SUP and choke down on the paddle so that your hands are closer to the paddle, and paddle with short fast repetitions.

• Other exercises that you can do on your SUP are Push-Ups, Sit-Ups or Crunches, which are all pretty self-explanatory.  Plus, there are many more like Mountain Climbers and Burpees.

Sample W.O.D. 5 Sets starting with (50/40/30/20/10) Repetitions

• SUP Jumps (24 inches/18 inches)

• Resistance Paddling (100 Yards)

• Bucket Swings

• Squat to Board Press

Repeat – Do each set at your own pace.  As a precaution have a waist lifejacket/whistle on and do this with a friend.  No need to exhaust yourself and get into trouble.  Safety first.

Be creative with your workout and look to our website for an upcoming training blog.

Chris Anders, CEgO

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