Stormproof Sweetfire


A blazing fire is integral to the camping experience, and in emergency situations the light and heat of a good fire can save your life. The problem is, emergency situations that require a fire usually come with the same conditions that make lighting a fire difficult.

With UCO’s new Stormproof Sweetfire, you’ll never be caught without a fire again—regardless of weather conditions.

Stormproof Sweetfire is an entirely new take on tinder. UCO took its eco-friendly Sweetfire Strikeable Fire Starter, which is made from a renewable sugarcane waste product called bagasse, and added a proprietary Stormproof tip to create a product that’s totally reliable, whatever the weather.

Stormproof Sweetfire’s unique point shapes come connected and ready to break off, and each has an integrated windproof and waterproof match head. An individual point will burn up to seven minutes, which is enough to get a fire started in any conditions.

Whether you’re building a campfire to sit around in the evening or if it’s a fire to stave off hypothermia, you’ll be glad to have Stormproof Sweetfire when it’s wet outside.

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