Striped Bass Season Underway on Hudson River

Photo by Laura Salyers

Striped Bass Season is Underway

Last month, the recreational season for striped bass began in New York’s tidal Hudson River. These fish spend most of their time in coastal waters but return to the freshwater of the Hudson each spring to spawn. The Hudson River acts as a nursery for newly hatched young-of-year bass.

Striped bass commonly reach lengths of more than 3 feet and weights exceeding 30 pounds. For people who fish the Hudson for sport, the striper is a favorite catch. Before you head out, enroll in the annual non-fee Recreational Marine Fishing Registry, and read a summary of Tidal Hudson River Regulations.

Striped bass are cooperatively managed along the Atlantic coast by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission. Along with other states, New York has required regulatory measures that include monitoring programs, recreational and commercial minimum size limits, recreational creel limits, and commercial quotas to manage and evaluate the condition of the striped bass stock.

From April to June, Hudson River fisheries crews use a 500-foot haul seine, as well as an electrofishing boat to catch spawning striped bass. Biologists measure, weigh, and collect scale samples for aging before tagging and returning the fish to the river.

If you fish for striped bass in the Hudson, share your information and help biologists understand and manage New York’s striped bass fishery. Fill out a logbook provided by DEC whenever you fish on the Hudson. Record location, time, gear used, what you caught (or if you didn’t catch anything) and return the logbook when you are done fishing. You’ll receive an annual newsletter summarizing the information in addition to the latest news regarding regulations and the river.

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