Sun Safety Tips

Why is it important to wear sunglasses when fishing and boating?

If you are an offshore angler, backing down on a marlin or a bass fisherman on a lake, wearing proper eye protection is a must! The ultraviolent (“UV”) rays of the sun can and will hurt your eyes, short and long term. When these UV rays are reflected off the water, the rays’ effects are intensified greatly. You can actually get a sun burn on your cornea, which is known as a solar keratitis. Thus, proper eye protection is a must.
Wearing the proper pair of sunglasses will also protect you from a potential fishing line backlash. The sunglasses will save your eyes from a hook piercing your eye.
While boating, using sunglasses will reduce glare. This may also assist you in seeing obstacles on the surface and just below the surface. Bomber Eyewear Polarized film cuts 99 percent of the glare off of the water.
Lastly, I chose Bomber Eyewear for my fishing and everyday sunglasses. The lenses are 100 percent UVA, UVB, UVC protective and as an added practical bonus, they float!
Have fun rocking your shades!

Grace Gillis
President, Lamar Louise Curry
Middle School Fishing Club