SUP Report: April 2019

by Tiffany Vandemark, Contributing Writer

Smell the sea, feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly

Why SUP is good for your Soul?  It frees your mind, unwinds your nerves, and allows you to expand your focus.  It is soothing and calming.  Plus you receive a bunch of physical benefits such as a stronger core, better balance, improved coordination, and strengthened arm, legs and abdominal muscles.

Let’s soulfully break it down:

You’ll enjoy the health benefits of sun, seawater and the sea breeze.  SUP can improve your health in ways beyond just cardiovascular fitness, especially if you board at the beach.   Seawater has been considered to have a purifying effect on the body; recent research has proven that exposure to salt water can ease skin conditions.  Salty sea air has also been shown to help clear the airways as you breathe.

Stand up paddle boarding is a powerful stress buster.  Some of the benefits of SUP are psychological rather than physical.  Any form of exercise will make your body release endorphins, providing a short-term burst of happiness and eventually leading to better sleep, improved mood, and less anxiety.  Simply being around large bodies of water has been shown to have a relaxing effect – even recorded wave noise or a photograph of a lake has been scientifically proven to reduce stress.

Now you can walk on water (this may be one of my favorites).  It will expand your horizon.  It’s the chance to see the scenery from another viewpoint

It has a Zen-like feel to it.  During a good session on your board, outside worries fade away until it’s just you and the water.  You’re fully absorbed in the experience, totally aware of every muscle in your body and absorbed in something which is just difficult enough to require your full attention.   It is the same feeling of mindfulness, which is the goal of Zen meditation.

To SUP it up…In the end, SUP is all about exploration, both on the water and in your mind.  On the board, you can get closer to nature and see things in a new way.  You can practice on any stretch of water, from the ocean to a canal.

The roll of the waves and the tug of the wind lull you into a state of total focus, melting away the worries you feel on land and freeing your thoughts.

The Ocean it Calls Me!

Tiffany Vandemark

SUP Instructor,Palm Beach Boat Club & Paddleboard Shop

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