Surf Fishing

by Aaron Kelly, Rock Solid Fishing

I hope everyone had a great holiday! It’s cold outside and one has to get a little more jacked up to get out there and wet a line. Surf fishing seems to push south towards Hatteras. Waters are always a little warmer and schools of trout and drum can be found balled up close to shore. Creepy crawling a 1/4 ounce jig slow across the bottom, waiting for that lethargic tap from a cold but hungry drum will help you not regret putting on those clammy waders. Speaking of clammy, most days there will not be another angler in sight. Another lure that produces is the hot pink mirrolure. Big fat trout might find your offering around old Buxton jetty groins or around the old Frisco pier. If you’re in the boat, get up in the creeks! The warm muddy bottoms will be a few degrees warmer and can congregate trout, reds, and stripers. The stripers will be there along the bridges. There have been reports from all the bridges with fish from 16-26 inches. Rattle traps, stick baits, and jigs catch plenty. Mornings and evenings with smoke tide moving can help to hedge your success. Good luck have fun!!!