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Surf & Pier – October Fishing Report


With the water temperatures dropping, lots of changes will be happening this month.  Last month it was all about the mullet run. This month, the pompano have returned from their summer visit up to the beaches of North Carolina. So, with the mullet predators, and the sand flea munchers still in the surf, you will want to take both your cast net and flea rake for the rest of this month.

While the mullet are still here, you can expect hot action with redfish, Jack Cravelle, bluefish, Spanish mackerel, trout, flounder, and several species of shark. You will catch more fish if you keep your bait lively. So, keep your bait bucket aerated and switch out the water often. My favorite way to fish them is on a fish finder rig. If I am targeting just trout and flounder, I go really light, with a 2/0 circle hook and 30-pound mono leader. For toothy fish, I move up to 100-pound mono and 5/0 hook. Finally, for sharks, 480-pound cable, and a 10/0 hook. Enjoy this action while you can, because the change will be cooler water and the mullet exiting to the south.

Let’s switch gear now, so we can put some tasty fillets on the table. October is the best month to enjoy pompano action. My three favorite baits are live sand fleas, fresh clams, and sand flea flavor Fishbites.  The rigging is simple; a double dropper rig with 2/0 circle hooks, and a sputnik sinker. The premade rigs will be usually tied with 30-pound mono. You can tie your own with 15 pound up to 40-pound mono. The lighter mono might get you more bites, but will also get you more break-offs. Remember that your tasty little baits are targeting pompano, but will also catch small whiting up to big redfish. So, set your drag light when you put it in the rod holder.

The big redfish will stack up near the inlets this month during their breeding season. As the mullet exit, I will switch over to ½ of a blue crab. This is a bait you can count on to produce a trophy sized red for bragging rights. Once again a fishfinder, aka sinker slider rig, tied out of 100 pound mono and an Owner Mutu light 7/0 circle hook will get the job done!

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