Suzuki news from IBEX 2019 in Tampa

Suzuki Press Conference 3:00PM 10/1/19 at IBEX Tampa, FL


SUZUKI DEBUTS NEW DF300B OUTBOARD AT IBEX Brings New Level of Performance & Efficiency to Broader Range of Boats

(Brea, CA – October 1, 2019) Suzuki Marine continues to expand its line-up of Ultimate Outboard Motors with the 2019 IBEX Show debut of the DF300B — a new 300hp, V6 4-stroke model featuring Suzuki’s exclusive contra-rotating propellers.

This DF300B joins Suzuki’s flagship 350hp contra-rotating outboard, and brings a new level of
acceleration, performance and efficiency to a whole new class of boats rated for 300hp
maximum (or 600hp maximum in dual installations).

Suzuki’s proven contra-rotating propeller system provides superior “grip” on the water when boaters hit the throttle, for excellent hole shot and strong acceleration, even when pushing large, heavy, fully loaded boats. For fishermen and boaters, this translates to superior performance from start to finish — better hole shot, stronger mid-range acceleration, improved top-end speed and enhanced low-speed maneuvering.

With the engine’s power distributed over six blades, rather than three, Suzuki is able to reduce the size of the gears and create a sleek, hydrodynamic lower unit that slices through the water with minimum drag. This increased propeller blade surface area and contra-rotating action also delivers exceptional acceleration while eliminating steering torque and providing incredible reverse thrust — especially important for docking and other close-quarter maneuvers. The performance advantages of Suzuki’s contra-rotating propulsion are particularly evident when pushing large, heavy hulls loaded with people, fuel and gear.

In the Suzuki tradition, this new outboard is packed with innovative technology from the bottom to the top. The DF300B’s robust 4.4-liter displacement engine features a 10.5:1 compression ratio and duel fuel injectors for optimum performance and efficiency using 87 octane fuel.

By using two smaller fuel injectors, Suzuki delivers a precise amount of fuel to the center of the combustion chamber, improving atomization and avoiding off-center combustion, a common cause of engine knock. Injecting 100% of the fuel into the cylinder at once also keeps the fuel cool, providing up to 3% additional power.

A dual-louver, direct air intake system on the DF300B helps the engine breath freely for optimum performance while separating out water, spray and moisture for improved reliability. This unique intake system also provides the engine with cooler, denser air for a more powerful combustion cycle. Suzuki’s proven Lean Burn Control Technology helps ensure optimum fuel efficiency at cruising speed and across the entire rpm range. In addition, updates to the DF300B engine cover and improvements in sound management reduce decibel levels evident in the cockpit, even at high engine speeds.

The DF300B features the offset driveshaft engine layout found on other Suzuki outboards, allowing for an overall compact design, along with two-stage gear reduction (2.29:1) for plenty of low-end torque without sacrificing top-end performance. This compact size, light weight (727 lbs. for 25” shaft) and easy integration with Suzuki Precision Control drive-by-wire throttle and shift controls make the DF300B a clear choice for rigging on a wide variety of boats in single or twin installations — particularly on vessels with second stations. Other advanced features like Suzuki’s Easy Start, Troll Mode and compatible Multi-Function Display Screens enhance the overall boating experience and operator enjoyment of any vessel.

“The compact design, performance characteristics and fuel efficiency of the DF300B make it an ideal match for today’s large center console sport fishers, offshore catamarans, performance pontoon and deck boats, and other popular vessels,” said Gus Blakely, Vice Present of Sales for Suzuki Motor of America. Inc. Marine Division. “We’re pleased to be bringing the many advantages of our contra-rotating propeller system — first pioneered on Suzuki’s 350hp 4-stroke — to a new and important segment of the overall boating market,” added Blakely.

To learn more about the new 2020 DF300B — or Suzuki’s entire line up of premium quality 4-stroke outboard motors ranging from 2.5 to 350 horsepower, visit

HIGH-PERFORMANCE FISHING BOATS IN FRESH AND SALT WATER New Lower Unit Design Delivers Superior Hole Shot and Acceleration

(Brea, CA – October 1, 2019) Suzuki Marine’s DF200RSS and DF150RSS four-stroke outboards were already known by savvy fishermen nationwide to offer best-in-class hole shot and powerful acceleration. For 2020, Suzuki is making these popular models better, re-engineering their lower units to deliver even more of what bass fishermen, flats and bay boat aficionados and other high-performance anglers already love about the Suzuki SS Series. These updated models will make their North American industry debut at the 2019 IBEX Show, October 1-3 in Tampa, Florida.

These updated DF200RSS and DF150RSS round out Suzuki’s popular SS Series, which includes the flagship V-6 DF250SS and inline four-cylinder DF115SS, providing exciting performance for a wide range of vessels. All SS Series models — including the updated DF150RSS and DF200RSS — are available in 20” and 25” shaft lengths, so boaters can find the ideal match for every type of fresh or saltwater fishing rig.

Suzuki’s updated DF200RSS and DF150RSS inline four-cylinder outboards will both feature a new lower unit and sleek gear case delivering a powerful new gear reduction ratio of 2.0:1. This helps the DF200RSS and DF150RSS provide a strong hole shot to push today’s bass boats, bay boats and flats skiffs onto plane in less time. By transferring more of the engine’s power to the water, Suzuki’s robust lower unit design also allows these SS outboards to swing Suzuki’s new Watergrip Sport propellers for excellent acceleration across the powerband, as well as eye-watering top-end performance. The new Watergrip Sport propellers are ideal for lightweight sport boats.

The DF200 and DF150 share Suzuki’s Big Block 175 cubic inch powerhead with dual overhead cams and a powerful 10.2:1 compression ratio for superior throttle response. Suzuki’s Multi-Stage Sequential Fuel Injection and Variable Valve Timing (on the 200RSS) help these outboards deliver the torque, quick acceleration and fuel efficiency today’s anglers demand. Suzuki’s proven Lean Burn Control Technology uses the engine’s 32-bit Electronic Control Module (ECM) to monitor engine performance and operating conditions in real time and deliver a leaner, more precise fuel mixture across the operating range. This translates to enhanced fuel economy, extended range per tank and more time on the water for avid anglers. Suzuki’s advanced knock and O2 sensors optimize performance and enhance reliability over the long haul. In addition, a 12V 44-amp alternator is used to help keep battery banks charged and provide power for lights, livewell pumps and the full array of modern navigation and fishfinding electronics found on today’s boats. Suzuki designs these alternators to produce a majority of their power at lower engine rpms, ensuring there is always plenty of juice to go around.

The sleek cowling on the DF200RSS and DF150RSS has a modern, upswept design that looks great on any type of boat and is a perfect compliment to the Matte Black color scheme. This design, however, is as much about performance as it is good looks. Incorporated into the cowl is a semi-direct air intake system that delivers cooler air directly into the engine’s tuned, multi-stage induction module. When an engine is able to breathe cooler air, it will operate with greater efficiency and deliver stronger acceleration and higher top-end speed. This unique cover design also features one-way air ports that allow the rotating flywheel to push warm air from underneath the cowling, reducing the temperature inside the engine.

Inside and out, from top to bottom, the new-and-improved DF200RSS and DF150RSS models are engineered to deliver more of what boaters and fishermen want in a performance outboard — great hole shot, acceleration that makes you hold on tight and maximum fuel efficiency to chase the fish all day long. Add in Suzuki’s reputation for long-term reliability, and it’s easy to see why these outboards are an ideal choice for a range of boats.

For more information on these new outboards, or any of Suzuki’s full line of Ultimate Outboard Motors from 2.5 to 350 horsepower, please visit

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