Suzuki Wows The Crowd With Awesome New Outboards


In early June, Suzuki Marine brought together a top-tier group of marine media, boat builders and dealers to the prestigious Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Fla. for a fantastic event to introduce their outstanding new line-up of motors and display some impressive innovation in the outboard marketplace.

The item that brought the house down was the unveiling of Suzuki’s new DF200A 200-horsepower inline-four-cylinder outboard. With this motor, Suzuki offers boaters a new dimension in 4-stroke power. The new DF200A delivers the kind of impressive performance one would expect only from a V6 engine.

The DF200A features Direct Air Intake and Variable Valve Timing for exceptional performance. Its 175 cubic-inch “big-block” displacement and a higher compression ratio provide impressive acceleration and low-end torque, while Lean Burn Control Technology improves fuel economy. This outboard is also reliable. Knock, O2 and water-detection sensors and systems monitor and control internal engine operating parameters, which would give any boater peace of mind.

Also important in a market demanding lighter motors is the DF200A weighs in at only 498 pounds, which is 12 percent lighter than Suzuki’s V6 200 hp outboard. The DF200A is an outboard that delivers more than it reasonably should.

Suzuki’s new line of SS-Series 4-stroke outboards was also unveiled to great acclaim. These motors will look awesome on any transom, but especially on performance bass boats, flats skiffs and even the new breed of performance pontoons. Available in 115, 150 and 250 hp, they have been designed with a striking matte black paint job and aggressive graphics.

“Now that we’re sponsoring tournament pro Brandon Card, we decided to give our 250SS a new look,” said Gus Blakely, manager of sales planning and development for Suzuki Marine. “While we were at it, we thought we’d do the same for our popular 115 and 150 horsepower models.”

Suzuki’s proven 115 and 150 horsepower outboards, both known for industry-leading engine displacement, impressive low-end torque and eye-watering top speeds now join the high performance 4.0 liter 250SS V6, with all three models sporting the new SS-trim package. It gives every angler the opportunity to have the same high-performance look as the tournament pros.

Precision was a word heard frequently within the walls of the Ocean Reef Club. And Suzuki appears to have precision nailed down with its Precision Maneuvering Joystick Control System and the new availability of Precision Control for its 150 and 175 hp motors.

Suzuki Precision Maneuvering (SPM) provides fully integrated electronic throttle, shift, steering and joystick control for boats equipped with Suzuki DF250AP and DF300AP “Next Generation” 4-stroke outboards. This advancement provides a consumer experience that allows for confident, seamless control, whether maneuvering in close quarters or running at speed in challenging offshore conditions. Skippers will appreciate smooth, precise shifting and throttle controls, steering that can be customized to the boat’s performance characteristics, not to mention the fingertip joystick control afforded at low speeds when pulling up to the dock or entering a tight slip.

The SPM system has been fully integrated with Suzuki Precision Control, which provides electronic “fly-by-wire” control of both throttle and shift. It replaces conventional cable controls with electronic wiring connected to advanced shift and throttle actuators. Owners of Suzuki’s DF250AP and DF300AP outboards already know the benefits of SPC. With the introduction of SPC to Suzuki’s 150 and 175 hp models, the bar has been raised.

Suzuki’s DF150G and DF175G, which are popular with a wide spectrum of boats, including twin, triple, and now quad engine applications and dual stations, will now feature smoother and more precise shifting and throttle control. SPC is also programmed to protect the engine and drive system against damage due to mishandling.

For those interested in fuel economy, these new 150 and 175 hp 4-stroke outboards have also undergone improvements with the addition of Suzuki’s proven Lean Burn Control System. It interfaces with SPC to improve fuel economy over a wider range of rpm.

With such an outstanding rollout of advancements for the big boys, it seems Suzuki may have forgotten about the little guy. Well, they haven’t. Their lightweight 25 and 30 hp outboards are the lightest in class and deliver high-end performance along with fuel efficiency.

The new DF25A and DF30A weigh just 136.7 pounds and provide exceptional performance on a wide range of boats, from fishing boats to inshore skiffs and even small pontoon boats. They’re high-tech, too. They feature Suzuki’s battery-less electronic fuel injection system, which provides reliable starting, crisp acceleration and smooth running. They are reliable, lightweight, powerful and achieve great fuel economy, which is what Suzuki engineers intended when they started with a blank sheet to build these all-new outboards.

All-in-all Suzuki’s Key Largo event was an impressive introduction to the awesome new line-up they are bringing to the outboard marketplace this year. For complete specs and more information on all of Suzuki’s products, visit

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