Taking the Extra Step When Cleaning Your Fly Tackle

Dry the Fly Rod’s Cork Grip!
Take extra care when rinsing off your rod after fly fishing, and take precautions not to soak the cork grip. Although it may seem the proper thing to do, a soaked cork handle will retain water and there is a good chance that your handle will be waterlogged. When this happens the glue securing the cork will result in your cork grip separating from the rod, a situation that can prove very costly; in addition, it may also result in your rod taking on a completely different feel when you cast plus you will experience problems when you are attempting to tighten the reel to its reel seat. Quite often in this situation the reel seat will separate from the cork negating your ability to position your reel on the fly rod.

Once you return from a trip, make sure that you remove your rod from its rod case and allow it to dry in the air. Far too many rods are ruined because this simple tip is ignored

The Best Way to Clean My Fly Line
Keeping your fly line clean is as important as keeping rust off your hooks. Fly lines are exposed to all sorts of harmful things over the course of a fishing day or season. Heat, dirty and salty water, sun screen, and bug repellant are the fly line’s bane, all, if not gotten rid of by cleaning, guaranteed to shorten your fly line’s life. Cleaning your fly line is simply good sense.

There are a few proven ways of cleaning your fly line, the frequency depending on how often you use the line and under what conditions you are using it.

Basic dish soap and warm water work about as good as anything. Take the fly line and strip it off into a bucket containing dish soap and warm water. Allow the line to soak in the bucket for two to three minutes, followed by a good rinse with fresh water. Next, take a clean cloth or sponge and wipe off the entire line before reeling it back onto your reel. Your cleaning cloth will apprise you to how much harmful agents the line has acquired during a day on the water.

To add a little extra slickness to your line, after cleansing, wipe the line with a coating of silicone, or fly line dressing; doing so can distance to your casts.

To get the most out of your fly line take the extra time to give it a good fresh water washing every couple of trips on the saltwater. Allow it to dry in the air. Far too many rods are ruined because this simple tip is ignored.

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