Texas Lake Serves up Another Giant Bass

O.H. Ivie Lake in central Texas is the hottest giant largemouth fishery in the nation right now. The most recent monster is a 17.03-pounder that is one of the top-10 largest bass in Texas history.

Jason Conn, a Texas fishing guide, launched on O.H. Ivie at 11:30 a.m. on February 13 and by 2:30 p.m. he was holding the eighth largest bass ever certified in Texas.
On his Facebook page, Conn wrote:

We weighed her 3 times at the store and 1 time on my scale in my boat. She was 17.10 on my scale. 17.03 first weight at the store. We weighed her again and she was 17.18 but we all mutually agreed to use the 17.03 weight due to the fact that we put her in a tank with minnows. Anyone that knows bass fishing knows a bass in shock is not eating anything but most likely throwing up food which I saw 2 shad in the tank she threw up!! I know what my fish was but I can’t take credit for a lake record due to this issue!!! I am now in the top 10 with biggest bass ever caught in the state of Texas and only 2 fish this size caught in the last 30 years. So unreal and I am still in shock.

The O.H. Ivie record was caught last year. It weighed 17.06 pounds, according to Toyota ShareLunker, Texas’s big bass recognition and breeding program. So far in 2023, O.H. Ivie has produced 12 fish heavier than 10 pounds and six of those fish qualified for “Legacy” status, which means they weighed more than 13 pounds. It’s an almost unbelievable string of giant bass for the 19,000-acre impoundment.

For more information, go to texassharelunker.com.


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