Th20 Gear

by Capt. Cliff Lumpkin

It’s always great when we come across a new product that is functionally superior, creatively unique and, quite frankly, so well thought through, it’s hard not to notice. From the hand-made in the USA quality to the wide variety of sizes and designs and, of course, the price, Th2oGear created by Florida’s own Tony “h2o” Ludovico delivers on those fronts and more. Ludovico, a longtime Coastal Angler contributing photographer, has figured out a way to sublimate his underwater photography into (not onto) his EnviroTec, moisture wicking, odor resistant UPF shirts, that have just hit the market after years of research and design.

Considering, the quality of Tony’s natural light only, freedive style of photography, that we’ve seen throughout his career, it comes as no surprise to us, that providing consumers with superior comfort and quality stand at the forefront of his new line. Produced locally in South Florida, this new line of great looking, hand sewn apparel is functional for fishermen, divers and surfers, but looks unbelievable!

“Whether at sea, the dock or out on the town, functionality, good looks and value is at the foundation of what Th2oGear brand is” said Ludovico in a recent interview. “What makes Th2oGear so unique is that Tony’s pioneering underwater images of pelagic species have already made him a legend in the world of underwater photography and he is now combining that creative talent into his designs. For example, his Fish Skin series, available online and at local retailers, is made from Tony’s close-up photography of Mahi, Marlin and Redfish scales. While other, well known companies are currently showing digitally created images that mimics the skin, these images are Tony’s actual photographs of the skin or scales”, says Mark “Marco” Schreiber, Director of Business Development and local Florida Keys Th2oGear representative.

“What we can do for our customers relating to custom orders and unique design or logo placement, is a customer service that is truly unique in the industry.
The clothing hitting the Keys this season can be seen at: Captain Hooks, Marathon; Sting Ray Steve, Key West; other fine retailers and of course, For further information email or