That’s a Monster Perch!

Everybody loves a big fish photo, and this is an awesome fish from a recent IGFA Facebook post.

Twenty years ago, Dave Huckle set the IGFA men’s 20-pound line class world record with this 149-pound, 12-ounce Nile perch he caught off Rubondo Island, Tanzania.

Dave was trolling a Mann’s 30+ Magnum when the monster perch hit, and it took almost an hour to fight it back to the boat.

They don’t make perch like this in the United States. But you’re wrong if you’re thinking this has to be the largest perch in history. Nile perch get much larger. Also known as African snook and “water elephants” in the Housa language of Nigeria, it is said these huge freshwater fish reach weights in excess of 400 pounds. The IGFA all-tackle world record weighed in at 230 pounds. It was caught by William Toth from Lake Nasser, Egypt in December of 2000.

Nile perch are an important food species in Africa, and they are a frequent target of commercial fishing. They are also an excellent game fish because they are aggressive predators which feed on smaller fish.

Check out the original Facebook post here:

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