The Future

By Perry Hensley Sr.

Let’s get started by saying that this will not be a technique or a gear article. Instead, I wanted to speak about the future of our sport. We can’t talk future without involving our children and grandchildren in this conversation, and I will warn you all I shall include mine.

Growing up I myself had a lot of time on my hands and thank you Lord above that my dad was a fisherman. I spent many hours as a kid/teenager on the water whether it was a small farm pond at my grandparents’ home, a stream, lake or river.

We must not forget those people like Bill Dance, Jimmy Houston and Hank Parker that filled that gap for a lot of those children that did not have the advantages that I did. These guys were a big inspiration for all of us who had fishing in our blood.

Every angler out there knows or has a child or grandchild or even a neighbor that spends too much time alone or occupying their days by playing a video game or scrolling through all the social media for their entertainment these days. I urge you to try to get them out there and get them interested in our sport.

All of us live fast-paced lives now compared to previous generations and as anglers we mustn’t let that die. I’m guilty of not doing enough and I say shame on me for that. Our Lord saved me from a lot of trouble as a child by my dad putting the interest of fishing in my life, and I applaud all of those who have stepped up and took the reins and started that little spark that ignites a great passion in us to become the best angler we can be.

Yes, God has given us the greatest playground he could with the outdoors, and its our duty as the old saying goes to pass it on. Let’s face it, our lives are short enough, and I pray that my grandchildren, although being all girls, will look at me one day and thank me for making that effort and creating those memories together that will last long after I’m gone. Please share this recreation of peace with someone in this chaotic world we live in.

As always God Bless and Tightlines, Perry Hensley Sr.