The Home Stretch

by Capt. Brian Boxx 

September twenty third marks the beginning of Fall 2K19. As we slide into the final weeks of summer, we all long for lower humidity and cooler temperatures. However, we avid anglers anticipate something else, “The best fishing season in Florida”! Every year I look forward to the Fall bite. Shorter days and dropping water temperatures spark a flurry of action. Just like our cities with Snowbirds, our local waters see a massive influx of fish species looking to enjoy the warmer waters of paradise. During the fall, red and black drum school up and prepare to spawn. This ups the chances that anglers can find and stay on a hot bite. Remember to handle these fish with care and release them quickly, so they may get back to the business of making more fishes.

Look for the snook bite to start slowing at area beaches as they start to make their transition from summer spawning haunts to winter hideouts at a leisurely pace. Focus your efforts in the first inner bays and flats. Use your eyes and ears to locate areas where predators are actively feeding. This is the last few weeks to get in some great inshore snapper fishing. As the temps drop, look to have your favorite snapper holes taken over by black drum and the occasional early sheepshead. This summer the redfish bite was the best I’ve seen in 10 years. Fall historically is our best time of year for catching redfish, so I am exhilarated to see what this fall has in store for us.

This month’s safety tip is about being prepared to handle a severe laceration or bleed. Being out on the water one can expect to be surrounded by possible dangers, yet isolated from immediate emergency assistance. One extremely important part of most first-aid kits that IS commonly overlooked are proper tourniquets and a Quick-Clot type of bleed stopper. Having them onboard along with the general knowledge of how and when to use them could be the difference between life or death. Fishing is recognized as one of the most dangerous sports; therefore, safe operation and first-aid knowledge are as important as knowing the art of angling itself. -Till next month, STAY SAFE, STAY SALTY- CAPT. BRIAN

Capt. Brian Boxx is the owner/operator of Reel Salty Endeavours, a proud veteran owned and operated charter service. If you, your family, or guests are looking to get out on the water, contact him through his website,, Facebook at Reel Salty Endeavours, or call 904-866-5050.