The Trail Less Traveled By: Paul Presson     

Most of us are happy to conform, doing the 9 to 5 in our cubicle world, thinking, planning and making ready for our weekend fishing adventures.  This is a story about an angler that wasn’t satisfied with the corporate world–an angler that made the break.

Before the sun rises, she has time to reflect.  This all started in a small boat, learning the nuances from a more experienced angler.  Which baits work best, which areas are more likely to hold fish–just the basics.  She was more or less, nudged into a new form of fishing. Her fishing partner decided to give kayak fishing a try.  At first hesitant, she decided to follow suit. This was the beginning of a new lifestyle.  She left the comfort of a stable job to follow a dream.  Now, her work is an integral part of her passion.

The sunrise is a sight to behold. Shades of reds, yellows and blues, it is time to get to work.  The kayaks are dismounted from the trailer. The necessary equipment is stowed away for a successful day of fishing.  When all is ready, her customer rolls up. They greet, have a safety briefing, a quick kayak lesson and it is time to fish.  Her vessels of choice are sleek Kaku kayaks. They are stable and track great on the way to their first fishing destination.

Today, Jacinda Rose has decided to fish the Ozello area on the Nature Coast.  A beautiful spot with nothing but water and spoil islands as far as the eye can see.  Jacinda has fished this area for years, and knows these waters, and where the fish can be found.  She is knowledgeable and pleasant; this puts the customer at ease immediately.

After some small talk, they have reached their first destination.  A deep channel that would not even be noticed by someone not familiar with the area.  Jacinda uses live shrimp on a jig–she has fished this way for years.  The size of the shrimp is not important. She takes a moment to demonstrate how she places the shrimp on the jig and explains why to the client.  Within minutes, “fish on”–a person that had never fished out of a kayak has a beautiful sea trout.

They fish this area for a time, catch some more trout and are ready to move on.  The next location is a good distance away. Jacinda paddles her yak right next to her client’s.  She has a trolling motor on her vessel. She lifts one leg over to the other kayak and they are off. No paddling needed, the next location is just minutes away with no effort.  As they arrive to the next spot, they bump up to mangroves with a spoil island well within casting distance.  Working different areas, but staying close enough for Jacinda to take action if something goes awry, they begin to fish.

It doesn’t take long and Jacinda has a very nice red drum.  The customer emulates her actions and is rewarded with a beautiful multi-spotted red.  They continue to catch fish, enjoying each other’s company throughout the trip.  It has been a great day, but it is time to head back.  Once again, Jacinda powers up the trolling motor and it is like an Uber on the flats.

Jacinda does not like to be categorized, she just wants to be known as an outstanding angler.  Her efforts on the water have made her a recognized kayak angler. She is very active within well-known fishing clubs.  Like it or not, her fishing prowess has led to some monikers.  If you hear mention of the “The Red Fish Queen” or “The Queen of Ozello,” there is a good chance the conversation is about Jacinda Rose.

Thanks to: Jacinda Rose  Jacinda’s Kayak Fishing Adventures 352-418-5182