The Ultimate Bait Transporter

The Oxygenator Bait Transporter manufactures 100% pure oxygen by splitting the hydrogen molecule from the oxygen molecule in the water. The hydrogen quickly dissipates into the atmosphere while the oxygen re-dissolves back into the water to dramatically raise the dissolved oxygen level. This creates a super saturated oxygen environment, even in the warmest water. What this means for anglers that are holding bait in the Transporter is that the bait is not only kept alive, but the bait is also livelier which means more success on the water. Powered by either a small 12 volt battery or 110 volt household current, makes the Oxygenator Bait Transporter perfect for someone transporting minnows, herring, or keeping bait alive at home. There is nothing remotely close to the ability of the Oxygenator Bait Transporter to create an Oxygen-rich environment that keeps fish and bait healthy and stress free. Scan the code to see the full line of Oxygenator products. O2 Marine Technologies • 952.881.1330


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