Three Lantern Marine

By Steve Zelck

So here we are, rolling into January. There is not a lot to talk about other than it’s cold and we can’t go fishin’. Those of you who know me are fully aware that I spend an evening, or 5, a week at Stone’s Pub in Gloucester. It’s where all the cool fishermen hang out- no joke. While discussing fishing with the local cast of characters over the holidays, here are some of the topics that came up:

Let’s start with a gentleman named Ozzy. Ozzy had a very good point, He wonders if NOAA sends a memo to the fish of the ocean letting them know that cod and haddock are protected and that they cannot be eaten. Fish are friends, not food.

Then there’s another regular. We’ll call him Sean. Sean has a favorite joke- “A cod fish walks into a bar. The bartender says, “Hey, why the long face?”

Anyway, it’s a fun place to hang out in Gloucester if you’re in town and trying to pass the time until spring. It is frequented by many on the water, camera guys from Monster Fish, and the boys from Wicked Tuna, who show up often for a burger and a beer.

Zelck with a massive catch aboard the Jean Elizabeth.

So as you can tell there is really not much to report on the fishing front. It is over. We still have 400 traps to get out of the water on the Jean Elizabeth with 400 already on dry dock. We are still getting some nice cod in the traps that appear to be chasing native shrimp- so there’s a positive sign. There was also a possible smelt sighting the other night as something small was breaking water after dark just as we were unloading in the inner harbor.

On a sad note, in mid December Nat and Derek announced that First Light Anglers in Rowley would be closing after close to 20 years. They ran a first class operation and they are the best guides around when it comes to catching football tuna. They will be missed. However, that means Three Lantern Marine should be your go-to place on the North Shore for fishing supplies, bait, tackle, boat supplies, traps, and anything else you name. They are growing by leaps and bounds with the addition of Brooks Traps and Shop and are always looking to bring in the newest, latest, and greatest stuff if you have any suggestions!


Headshot_SteveZelckFORECAST BY: Steve Zelck was born and raised in Gloucester. Steve’s love of the sea lured him back to pursue his fishing passion and not a day goes by without him checking the pulse of the harbor for action. If you don’t find Steve at Three Lantern Marine, you can bet he’s out working on the F/V Jean Elizabeth hauling traps or hunting bluefin on the F/V Eagles Nest. www.